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Our objective is to engage young people and promote community cohesion and social inclusion

VIBE Youth was incorporated on 10th January 2017 with the sole purpose of supporting young people to become the best versions of themselves.

Our company objectives are:

  • • To engage young people who exhibit behaviour and emotional concerns within society.
  • • To promote community cohesion and social inclusion.

In particular we specialise in working with young people who are at risk of social isolation and disengagement which in turn can lead to a range of ‘Risky Behaviours’

We define a risky behaviour as any behaviour that is harmful or potentially exposes a person to significant risk of harm e.g. acts of violence, substance misuse etc. Ultimately such risky behaviours are likely to prevent a person from reaching their full potential.

VIBE Youth directly addresses such negative behaviours and provides hope for future generations by empowering young people in:

  • • Positive decision making
  • • Building self-belief
  • • Encouraging social responsibility
  • • Building stronger individuals and communities

VIBE stands for VISUALISE, INSPIRE, BELIEVE, EDUCATE and reflects the core stages of personal development associated with achieving positive results. We need to address barriers that enable young people to visualise a different future or different view of themselves, we work to inspire them to consider different opportunities and help them believe that change is possible. Finally, we can support the acquisition of the skills and knowledge (i.e. educate) to help them achieve the better future each individual initially visualised.

To date, our process has produced notable results. We have worked with schools and youth services and have established ourselves as a legitimate, valuable and unique source of ‘alternative provision’ which young people and adults alike have described as Inspiring.

Meet the team behind Vibe Youth


Director of VIBE Youth C.I.C

I grew up in the East End of London where criminal activity and gang culture is a way of life for so many young people. It seemed the age range had become younger and younger and I had seen first-hand young people wasting their lives in the pursuit of a false lifestyle.

Making bad choices myself as a teenager and knowing the consequences, I wanted to give back and support young people to be the best that they can and strive for more in their lives.

I studied anatomy and physiology and became a fitness instructor and used my knowledge to engage with young people and educate around the benefits of physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices. I then progressed into youth work where I became a youth facilitator and mentor, working alongside organisations such as met-track, prison me no way and the metropolitan police school’s youth team. I mentored police cadets, delivered intervention talks and workshops as well as liaising with youth offending teams and local schools.


Director of VIBE Youth C.I.C

Born in Swansea, I came from a stable family home but I still made the wrong choices through my youth.

I am a mum of two and genuinely love inspiring children to follow thier dreams, and if they have none, then support them to discover them! I have worked in various settings from mainstream schools, children with special educational needs and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs. I have extensive knowledge, experience and qualifications in childcare and the education sector but most importantly, I have been there and have the ability and big heart to engage with young people on all levels.

Positive Vibes


"Over the last couple of weeks the group work is the reason why I come to school. It’s the only thing I look forward to. I like listening to Kaz and Jake talking about their lives and they see good in everyone. It puts me in a better mood.""


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