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Vibe star awards are upon us

28 August 2019

The first ever Vibe star awards are nearly upon us and to say we cannot wait is an understatement. We are looking forward to celebrating the achievements of our 24 young vibe peer mentors and are honestly so proud of the dedication, hard work and banter they all showed throughout the process.

The Vibe star ambassadors project is a follow on from our core programme the your vibe project. The selected vibe stars have been trained using elements and principles from the your vibe project which looks at understanding the reasons behind our actions. “We wanted to give our vibe mentors the courage to open up about their own hurdles, and then use their journey to inspire other young people” (karen Carswell co-founder of Vibe Youth)

It’s fair to say we are all looking forward to the vibe star awards night which takes place at the Gwyn Hall in Neath on Friday 6th September @7pm 

Hope to see you all for a fantastic night.

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