Key stage 2


Vibe Kids Project

The Vibe Kids Project is an exciting, unique addition to Vibe Youth services. Vibe Kids takes children on a journey of SELF-DISCOVERY to recognise and acknowledge their own WORTH and VALUE. Focusing on the transition from key-stage 2 education to key-stage 3 the transition from primary to comprehensive education is a significant event in a child’s progression, and should be looked forward to with curiosity, excitement, and enjoyment rather than worry, fear, and dread. Vibe Kids works alongside key-stage 2 provisions to enable a supported transition, the project creates a safe environment where children feel comfortable, relaxed, and valued, and can explore any worries about the next phase of their journey.

Vibe Kids is a six-week group-based project that is delivered twice a week for a duration of one hour and thirty minutes. Delivering twelve bespoke sessions covering specific topics which encourage children to explore their internal self, Vibe Kids is a fun and creative approach to supporting the next steps for children in year 5&6. A positive start to comprehensive education can have long-lasting benefits including a sense of competence, agency and relating to others.

Every child’s experience with educational transition is unique and the support they receive during this period can greatly influence their adjustment and success in their new environment.


It’s all about the Positive Vibes…

If you would like to make a referral, please know that the following process is in place:

Referral made- Facilitators will go through referrals and make in depth notes based on the information received.

Referral consultation- Facilitators will meet with the referrer and expand on any concerns they have and ask for further information if required regarding those who could potentially take part.

Risk assessment- Facilitators will complete a risk assessment while on site to ensure that they have everything necessary to provide a positive experience for children on the Vibe Kids project.

Meet & Greet- Facilitators will have a brief introduction session with children, this is an opportunity to assess group dynamics and for children to ask any questions and meet other participants.

Referrals must be completed and returned to Vibe Youth two weeks prior to project commencement.

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