Key stage 3 & 4

(11-14yrs) (14-16yrs)

Your Vibe Project

The Your Vibe Project is a core Vibe Youth service created to promote and increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and self–belief by delivering a range of topics that are educationally and therapeutically based (using principles and elements of cognitive behaviour therapy) as well as neuro linguistics by encouraging group involvement and self-expression. The Your Vibe Project is a group-based project that focuses on the emotional underlying root cause to challenging and destructive behaviours within educational and societal environments. The Your Vibe Project allows group members to establish a ‘miniature community’ and sense of family within the group and through this explore the impact behaviour has on those around them and to consider WHY this may be inappropriate as well as finding alternatives through different perspectives and decision making. 

The Your Vibe Project is an intensive eight-week project that runs for one hour and thirty minutes twice a week. The group operates with a maximum of ten young people, and each case is considered individually. In order that optimum progress can be achieved, each group is ‘closed’ to allow group dynamics and relationships to develop this is vital in such an intensive setting to achieve maximum potential from each group member. The project is designed to offer flexibility thereby reaching all those who may benefit from the project.

There is a co-worker facilitating the group as well as the main lead facilitator.

The project is fully monitored, and group members are evaluated on an individual format as well as within the group environment. Progress on the programme is monitored both during and after the project. Young people present as suffering with low self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth, the project deals directly with these issues by empowering young people in making positive decisions. The foundation to the project is that positivity breed’s positivity and negativity leads to negativity, by empowering group members in a safe and secure environment the benefits of positive thought processes become clear and this, in turn, is extended beyond the group setting.

If you would like to make a referral, please know that the following process is in place:

Referral made- Facilitators will go through referrals and make in depth notes based on the information received.

Referral consultation- Facilitators will meet with the referrer and expand on any concerns they have and ask for further information if required regarding those who could potentially take part.

Risk assessment- Facilitators will complete a risk assessment while on site to ensure that they have everything necessary to provide a positive experience.

Meet & Greet- Facilitators will have a brief introduction session with young people, this is an opportunity to assess group dynamics and for young people to ask any questions and meet other participants.

Referrals must be completed and returned to Vibe Youth two weeks prior to project commencement.

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