Time to Talk Day

Its the 1st of February which is Time to Talk Day.

A reminder to think about others, check in and create a safe space for honest conversations about mental health 💜

However, here is some feedback we are getting from the children and young people we work with

👉They are tired of talking

👉They are done raising awareness

👉They desperately want to feel listened to

👉What they really want is to be taken seriously and for people to support them based on what they want for themselves, not what other adults want for them.

We could do a nice little video about how its time to talk, that talking saves lives, but is that where it ends?

What young people want is bigger than that and while talking is a starting point, some of them have spent years talking to many different people, without feeling any better, unfortunately in some cases they may feel worse, having to relive their trauma.

Its bigger than talking 🗣

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